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Hello and welcome! We've designed this site as your 'go to' place for reliable information and resources on Differentiated Instruction. The site is also the home of the Institutes that we host on the grounds of the University of Virginia. We hope that this site provides you a place to share your successes with others and find help from experts in the field. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. You may want to begin by learning about how we define Differentiated Instruction.

Carol Tomlinson
William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor of Education
Curry School of Education - University of Virginia

Institute News

SIAD 2016 Registration Open!

Our week-long Summer Institute on Academic Diversity has been set for July 11-15, 2016. Join educators from around the world as Carol Tomlinson leads an exploration quality differentiation in diverse classrooms.

Tomlinson's Latest

The Differentiated Classroom: New Edition

Finally, after 15 years Carol has revisited her seminal work The Differentiated Classroom.

One to Grow On: Teaching That Spurs Thinking

In her monthly column for Ed Leadership, Carol recalls a time when school-based conversations focused on teaching for thinking and not high-stakes tests:

"Teachers wanted to understand what it meant to ask a 7-year-old or a 17-year-old to think deeply. We tried approaches born of our own emergent thinking about thinking. Some of these turned out to be lame, some promising, but both kinds were instructive to my colleagues and me. We saw ourselves growing as we adapted new approaches."

Success, Student-by-Student: An Interview with Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol talks to the Alabama Best Practices Center about differentiation and her new book from ASCD, Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom, which is co-authored with UVA colleague Tonya Moon.

New Media of Interest

New Books and Articles from our Presenters!

The Differentiated Flipped Classroom: A Practical Guide to Digital Learning

IAD presenters Kristi Doubet and Eric Carbaugh have created a guide for flipping a classroom that uses digital tools to truly support the principles and practices of a differentiated classroom.

My Journey Toward a Differentiated Classroom

IAD presenter and author, Kristi Doubet, shares how her clumsy attempts with grouping gradually morphed into more flexible and effective teaching. She provides more concrete strategies in her new book Differentiation in Middle and High School.

How I Learned Differentiation

Jessica Hockett, also one of our presenters and co-author of Differentiation in Middle and High School, recognizes the problems she faced with differentiation and shares three guidelines she would give to her "novice self."

LISTEN: Differentiation Works Podcast

Carol joins co-authors Kristi Doubet and Jessica Hockett in a discussion with ASCD about differentiation spurred by the release of their new book Differentiation in Middle and High School.

Videos from our Presenters


Featured Video 1

Just getting started with Differentiation?

In a video clip filmed at one of our Institutes, Carol Tomlinson breaks down three basic ways researchers tell us that students can differ with respect to learning: readiness, interest, and learning profile. She then suggests how teachers might differentiate with these needs in mind.